Saturday, June 11, 2011

Delicious Strawberries

I got this great recipe from my aunt Colette (Thanks!).  I don't know the real name of this recipe, but everybody called them "delicious strawberries", so we will go with that.  These were a huge hit at our brunch last weekend. 
Delicious Strawberries
1pkg Cream Cheese - let it sit out at room temp. for a bit
3/4 Cup Powdered Sugar
1 tea. Almond Extract
Strawberries (I did almost 1/2 a case)

Wash your strawberries and try to pick out the bigger ones for this recipe
Cut the strawberries in a cross section, but not all the way through (from the tip, not the green part)
Mix together the cream cheese, powder sugar and extract with an electric mixer
Fill up a pastry bag with the filling and squeeze it into the strawberries

A little bit goes a long ways, but if you are going to make a lot for a party,
you might want to double the batch.
They don't keep well in the fridge, and need to be made &  then served.

I would love to try a few variations of this something like:
Using strawberry or blueberry cream cheese
Switching the almond extract for lemon or orange
You could also drizzle chocolate over them- yum!
Top with a blueberry, pictured below

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