Saturday, June 11, 2011

Milk Can Madness

We tried this recipe from last summer and it was yummy.  We adjusted it a little bit to our liking.  We didn’t have a milk can, so we just used a big pot and watched it close.  No penny… it would be fun to watch though!

Milk Can Madness from Razzle Dazzle
24 ears corn, ends trimmed, shucks on or off
2 heads cabbage, quartered or sliced (one purple and one green)
10 pounds red potatoes, quartered
4 pounds baby carrots
4 large green peppers, quartered (bells and Anaheim’s)
4 pounds onions, quartered
salt and black pepper (let it have it!)
10 pounds bratwurst or Polish sausage (SPICY and FULL of flavor)
1 pound bacon

Line bottom of a 10-gallon milk can vertically with ears of sweet corn (standing on end). Layer the remaining vegetables on top of the corn. Lightly season with salt and pepper. Arrange the sausages on top of the vegetables. Top with bacon. Pour one gallon of water over meat and vegetables.

Drill a 3/16-inch hole in the lid of the milk can. Place the lid on the can. Place the milk can over low heat over a propane burner or on a gas grill. Place a penny over the hole in the lid of the can. When the penny blows off the hole this masterpiece is done. The cooking time should be about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Remove the lid from the milk can. If serving immediately, place the sausages and bacon on a serving platter. Drain most of the liquid from the milk can. Remove the vegetables and arrange them on serving platters. Or, to keep the meat and vegetables warm, pour the drained vegetables into a large cooler. Arrange the meats in a pan or tray that will fit in the cooler. Place the pan of meats on top of vegetables and close the lid until ready to serve.
Serves 24 to 30

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