Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crispy Bears

My grandma used to make these every year for Christmas.  I think they are better than regular rice krispy treats. Yum

13oz bag Rice Krispies
2cups brown sugar
1cup white karo
2 sticks butter (no wonder these are so good!)
1 can eagle brand milk
several small decorating candy: chocolate chips, red hots, etc.
2 or more plastic bear molds (you will want to spray these with pam the 1st time)

Place rice krispies into bowl.
Add together sugar, butter, syrup into pan and boil for 3 min. remove from heat. 
Add eagle brand milk and boil 3 additional min. 
Pour over rice krispies and mix well. 
Fill bear mold with mixture. Careful, it's hot. Remove bear from mold, place on wax paper. 
Use tiny chocolate chips for eyes and nose, red hots for belly button. 
After they have cooled off and "dried" you can wrap them in plastic wrap to keep them fresh longer or if you are delivering them as treats to neighbors.

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