Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mini Gingerbread Village

Makes4 mini houses
· 1    tube (6-ounce) white icing
· 32   2-part graham cracker squares
· 1    can (6.4-ounce) white icing
·       Variety of small candies for decorating ~let the kids help pick out the treats
1.      Using squeezable icing as glue, glue together 5 graham cracker squares to make a box without a top. Let icing harden for a few minutes.
2.      To make roof supports, use a serrated knife to cut 1 graham cracker square in half. Using a long side of a cracker half as a base, cut cracker half into a triangle. Repeat with the other cracker half. Squeeze icing onto the long side of each triangle and attach to the top of the 2 opposite walls.
3.      Squeeze icing onto the edges of the roof supports. To make the roof, use 2 more graham cracker squares attached together with icing. Gently place roof onto the roof supports. Repeat to make 3 more mini gingerbread houses. Let icing stand overnight to harden.
4.     Decorate gingerbread houses as desired, using a variety of candies and canned white icing.

Copied from Sandra Lee Semi Homemade

We made a mini village a few years ago and it was really fun for the kids.
They go quick and easy because they are small, so the kids don't get half way done and then decide they are board.

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