Monday, March 11, 2013

mud bugs

We tried something new and "crazy" this weekend.  My husband found a package of frozen craw fish at Wal-Mart and decided that we needed to try them out... for the blog sake.
They were only $6 and came with the seasonings and instructions so I said, "Why not."

We've been watching too much TV.  Swamp people in particular, or whatever that show is called?

Rinsing off the craw fish...
 Basically we put them in a pot of boiling water {with seasonings} and then let the "soak" for 30 minutes.
Craw fish with cabbage and corn.

 Here's my big red neck husband... he literally got sun burned, so I can say that.  Isn't he cute?

 My husband and his brother had been out trimming our trees 
and decided to light a camp fire in the back yard.
Which worked out well, because they could just throw the shells in the fire when they were done.
I made them be the guinea pigs and try them out first.

Living in Northern Utah we are not big sea food eaters.  Not because we don't like it, but because it's not really available.   At least not fresh.  We decided it was ok, and fun to try... but it wasn't something we would crave.  Maybe if they were fresh and we actually knew how to cook them the right way.

So if you have any tips for us on how to eat craw fish the right way, let us know.  Until then, we will probably stick with what we know... beef.

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