Monday, June 3, 2013

Kitchen Remodel

We've been remodeling our kitchen.  I'm so excited for it to be finished.  We got lucky and scored free (old) cabinets.  I basically had no counter space before, but now I have an island.

I keep finding all these new recipes that I want to try but I've had to just save them.  It's killing me.  I did make a new "ice tea" but it's still in the testing mode.  We've mostly been living off of fast food- yuck!

I've been thinking of different ideas of how to decorate.  I decided that I need to go treasure hunting at garage/estate sales to find things to put on top of my cupboards.

I will update with pictures when it's actually done.  Too bad I didn't take a before picture though,  that would have had a bigger impact.

I'm just really thankful that I have a handy husband that can make a new kitchen for me to go along with the free cabinets.  I jokingly told him, "I sure hope my next husband is as handy as you are."  He know's I love him though.

Someday I want a farm sink in my kitchen, anybody have any thoughts/tips/advice on picking one out?
And has anybody made their own drawers for produce that are ventilated?  Like THIS

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