Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Winner of the Linky & Drinky #4

Holy brain fart.
Do you ever have those day's when you really start to wonder about yourself?
Is my blonde hair really shining through?  It's possible.

Did I smoke a bunch of pot in high school and forget about it?
No, but you would think so for as dumb as I've been today.

Did having 3 kids kill all my brain cells?!  Most likely.

So far today I've tried to get in someone else's van thinking it was mine.

Walked into the men's restroom.   Thank the Lord nobody was in there!!!

Posted my linky party late- and then I realized I didn't announce the winner from last week.  I'm super sorry about my case of Ditz.

It's a good thing I've got another desk job lined up, I really suck at this blogging stuff.  Apparently all the reading I've been catching up on isn't giving me any brain power.

On a positive note:  Last week's link up was the best one yet.  So maybe I should cut myself a little slack.

The link with the most views last week was ALMOND MILK ICE CREAM
from Making Our Sustainable Life  Thanks for linking up and congratulations!

1 comment:

  1. Phew - smells like brains in here! ;) Thank you so much for announcing my post was the most viewed! I'm glad, because this is really good stuff and I think everyone should try it! See you at the next linky and drinky!